About us

Is a team of creators and developers, working together to create a virtual world for children aged 6 and upwards. The main project of the company is Pannun (pannun.de), a complex 2D multiplayer online game in which children not only play and chat, but also learn and develop their creativity.

Some of our team members are parents and are perfectly familiar with the fact that there were countless Internet sites for adults on the Web, but none that catered to the special needs of children only. Therefore, from the outset the objective of the Pannun team was to create and develop an Internet world for children which is safe, free of violence and advertising aswell as being fun and interactive so children can learn as they play.

Very Early called it Djungle Bear v1/v2 round in 2006 from BollyKids made and later they called it then Pandaland that relased as closed alpha/Beta at 2007 18 Sep to 20th October and Panfu was launched in Germany on the 1st December 2007 and since February 2008 in France, Spain, Great Britain/USA, Poland, Holland and Scandinavia later is got chat closed at 2014 and later closed down at 2016 28 October but i make an page named Pannun started at 2014 the domain and online at 2015 1st Januaray now we have own server.

Recently, the team of Pannun began work on a new project: PanfuCP created for to test but from alot bugs is closed now.