On Pannun, children learn Spanish as they play

Kinder lernen spielend Englisch It's never too late or too soon to learn another language! Children have the natural ability to learn languages easily and quickly.

The Internet is the ideal tool to teach children a foreign language in a fun and effective way. This audio-visual medium enables learning foreign languages through interaction. Pannun.de exploits all the possibilities of this medium to teach children Spanish.

On Pannun, children can learn Spanish as they play. The Spanish content of the website is designed for children and is presented so that children can have fun while naturally learning to understand and speak a new language. Panfu offers many different opportunities to learn Spanish through fun. Especially important is the fact that children can interact in Spanish with other children in Panfu and can choose from a huge number of options to help them learn.

•  Pannun has a virtual bilingual newspaper with short accompanying explanations to help learners.
•  The Pannun library contains stories and poems that relate to events and characters in Pannun. In this way your child can gradually familiarise themself with the Spanish speaking world while playing online.
•  In Pannun there are Spanish-speaking characters with whom your child can interact and thereby lose their fear of speaking Spanish themselves.
Pannun offers:
•  Fun and success in speaking a foreign language (Spanish) for the first time
•  A way of learning Spanish that is interactive and well-suited to children

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