Pannun Well close now:

Thanks for all they supported me and play my Pannun. But you can still play Panfu there gives like an other Panfus that called is for old Panfu if im right is made from Altro50 is not released yet.

Then gives here other Panfus for modern are from i forgot the owner name im so sorry to you Team

And there is from made by Robin(thanks alot for help me in php im so sorry that i talk bad stuff to you and your Team/Friends) and his called and has most users/visitors that i see of the panfus(flash version original) and should be open again in 15th December with his new ideas

Fan Made Panfus:

Is from Christiaan his called Panfu.World maded in Unity as with WEBGL some like html5 version of Panfu nice idea of him. There gives others fan mades:

Is like ipanfu i think is maded with unreal engine but i have not enought info to that im so sorry for it.

My Closeing words this does not mean Pannun well really down i have other projects going on were i mybe use for Pannun.