Pannun Play with Fu Long, the baby panda from Vienna

In Pannun, children from the age of 6 and up can play with Fu Long, the baby panda from Vienna Zoo.

Not long ago, Fu Long was introduced to the whole world. Now you can play lots of fun online games that feature Fu Long as the main character. All the latest news about Fu Long is available in Pannun so that you can keep an eye on how the little panda is changing and growing in the Vienna Zoo.

You can also experience Fu Long's adventures for yourself and wander through the panda world of Pannun with your own little panda.

Panfu offers:
•  lots of fun information about Fu Long, the little baby panda
•  great free online games for children aged 6 and upwards
•  suitable chat for children, with which they can find new panda friends
•  No download required! Play straight away!

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