Pannun - Is an Private Server of Panfu on Internet

Der große Pandabär im InternetThe Giant Panda lives in China and feeds almost exclusively on bamboo and plants. All children love them! Now the Giant Panda has its own homepage on the Internet, where everyone can go and find their own panda and experience lots of fun adventures.

In Pannun, one can learn a lot about the Giant Panda and have lots of fun with it - and all free of charge. Every child can choose his/her own panda, indivdualise their panda, set up their treehouse, and wander through the panda world of Pannun, with their own virtual pandas.

Pannun offers:
•  lots of exciting information about Giant Pandas
•  exciting online games with your own panda
•  a child-friendly chat system, through which you can make new panda friends

Sign up for free now and start playing!