Kinder lernen online Children love to learn! At Pannun, children can play online learning games and discover new things while having lots of fun.

The educational content of Panfu allows children to acquire language skills, memory skills and learn to better identify their environment. All games are geared towards children and are used, among other things, to develop their skills.

Exciting bilingual texts and child appropriate information are used to encourage involvement.

With Pannun, learning is fun! Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years can make friends with whom they can play games developed specifically for educational purposes.

Panfu offers:
•  Fun and excitement through interactive games
•  knowledge about all kinds of subjects such as science, art and history
•  free learning software for children between 6 and 12
•  No download required, play instantly.kein Download, direkt losspielen.

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